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Beaches Turks & Caicos Review – Pools

beaches-logoWhen it comes to pools, Beaches Turks & Caicos has plenty of them. According to their website, there are 8 pools on the resort property. I’d say the number is more like 5, but probably depends on your definition of “pool”. Here are the 5 that I counted:

Italian Village Pool
French Village Pool
Key West Infinity Pool
Cascades Pool
Iguanas Pool

I had a goal of trying each pool while we were at the resort. I nearly met my goal. However, when I got to pool number 4, the perfect spot pulled me in for the rest of the week. Here were my observations at each pool:

Italian Village Pool: This was the first pool that my group tried after arriving at the resort. At one end of the pool is a whirlpool, and at the other end is a swim up bar. This was, by far, the busiest pool we saw all week. It seemed to attract mainly families, which means lots of children running around and playing in the pool. Toward the middle of the pool the Activities Team runs trivia, water aerobics, and such throughout the day. The bar was pretty busy (to be expected with so many parents around that are vacationing with young children), but the wait for a drink never felt too long.


Italian Village Pool (personal photo)

French Village Pool: This pool is MASSIVE. Like the Italian village pool, it has a whirlpool at one end, and a swim up bar at the other. The major difference though was in how quiet it was. We didn’t see any signs of an Activities Team, and there were fewer people (and kids) around. This pool may be busier during the busy season, but during the slow season when were at Beaches Turks & Caicos it was great pool if you are looking for peace and quiet.


French Village Pool (personal photo)

Key West Infinity Pool: This pool is at the far end of the resort just off the boardwalk that is between the beach and the resort. It is an adults-only pool. The pool is pretty small, so if you are there when the resort is busy you may have trouble finding a pool chair. The chairs are also pretty close together so be prepared to make some new friends. One great feature of this pool is that there were restrooms very close by. This is great after you’ve made a few trips up the stairs to the nearby bar for beers.


Key West Infinity Pool (personal photo)

Cascades Pool: This is where my pool-hopping journey ended. This pool is essentially attached to the Arizonas restaurant. At the “front” of the pool there is a whirlpool and a swim up bar. If you grab some drinks at the bar and then head under the bridge toward the “back” of the pool there is a waterfall and a small cave. Why did I like this pool so much? It had everything. Arizonas runs a buffet pretty much all day. So, if you get hungry you can walk over and fix yourself a plate. The swim up bar was busy, but the wait for a drink was never too long. There were restrooms close by. They had the best poolside service (more on this later). And, to top it off, we found a set of pool chairs that were sunny in the morning, and then shaded by palm trees in the afternoon. On day 4 when I tried the Cascades Pool, I saw no reason to even look any further!


Cascades Pool (personal pool)

Iguanas Pool: The Iguanas pool is pretty close to the Cascades Pool. While I never spent any time here, I did walk by several times and made a few observations. After the Italian Village Pool this was the 2nd busiest pool while we were there. It also had an Activities Team as well as a setup for playing water volleyball. If you at the Cascades Pool and they happen to run out of Pina Coladas (not sure how that happened) you can always run over to the Iguanas Pool bar for refills.

The great thing about there being so many pools as Beaches Turks & Caicos is that you can find that spot that is perfect for you. Then you can settle in and really enjoy the remainder of your vacation.

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