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Belize Update #1

It has been just over a week since Heather and I announced our plan to move to Belize and open a beach club.  Thank you to everyone that read our posts, sent us messages, and liked our Facebook page.

There is seemingly a million projects to get done between now and when we leave, so we wasted no time jumping in…


The property we purchased already has a restaurant building, pool, and 2-bedroom house on it. My first to-do item was to get the buildings insured.  I am happy to say we are now covered against catastrophic loss by: fire, tornado, hurricane, tidal wave, earthquake, volcanic eruption, riot, and airplane. Some of these struck me as funny until 4:15a Wednesday morning, when I was awoken by our house in Georgia shaking from an earthquake in Tennessee!  Maybe volcanic eruption is not as far fetched as it seems.


Since the property and buildings have been neglected for nearly 2 years, there is a fair amount of refurbishment that will need to be done just to get things operational again. Fortunately, we were put in contact with a great company, Invest Belize, that is going to help us get things accomplished. Work has begun to make the house livable, and to assemble a plan for refurbishing the rest of the property.

Selling It all

Heather has been hard at work selling things that will not be making the trip with us.  If you’ve even been in our house and thought, “That chair would look good in my bedroom!” or “I wonder if they would notice if I stole one of their tvs?”, this is your chance. Just make sure you message Heather before someone else gets “dibs” on the item(s) you are interested in.

Next Trip

We have learned that doing business in Belize is more relational than here in the States. Things are accomplished easier, and faster, in person. Our next trip is now planned so that we can open bank accounts, start the approval and licensing process for our business, and mark as many other to-do items as we can off our list.

That’s really it for this update. Seems a bit boring now that I have it written down.  Stay tuned though, I am sure this journey is going to have its fair share of interesting stories in the months ahead.

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