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Couples Sans Souci – Part 1


Heather and I just returned from spending a week at a Couples all-inclusive resort in Jamaica.  When people hear that we took a trip, their first question always seems to be, “How was it?”, so I thought I would post a review while the details were still fresh in my mind.

Couples has four all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica.  We stayed at the one located in Ochos Rios called Sans Souci (pronounced “soosi”).  This resort is located about an hour and 45 minutes from the Montego Bay airport in Couples-provided transportation.  Other than the surprise of Delta upgrading us to first class the trip from Atlanta to the resort was uneventful.

After checking in to our room we took the 5pm daily tour of the grounds which was led by Sasha, a member of the entertainment staff.  Here are the highlights:

  • Pools : There are four main pools on the property.  One on each of the two beaches, a mineral pool by the spa, and another just down from the lobby outside the Balloon Bar.  (The Balloon Bar pool has no chairs and we never saw anyone swimming in it, but there was no signs indicating you could not use it if you wanted to.)
  • Beaches: There are two smaller beaches on the property.  The main beach, and a clothing prohibited beach.  I did not use “clothing optional” on purpose.  The Au Natural beach enforces a strict no clothing policy.  This beach became clothing optional at 5pm while we are there to let everyone come and enjoy the sunset… and any remaining full moons.
  • Restaurants: There are 3 restaurants on property:
      1. Bella Vista – Located at the main beach, this restaurant is also known as the “Beach Grill” during the day when it serves lunch.  At 5pm it closes down to re-open at 6pm as Bella Vista for dinner.  This restaurant does not require reservations so is a great location the first day you get there, and any other night you want to just eat dinner whenever you feel like it.
      2. Palazzina – Located near the main beach this restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You will need to make reservations for dinner.  Much of the seating here is outside so if you need AC to enjoy your meal then make sure to request inside seating when you make your reservation.
      3. Casanova – Located right off the lobby, this restaurant serves dinner only.  You will need to make reservations well in advance as this seemed to be the popular place to eat dinner.  On the tour we learned that guys need to wear a collared shirt, nice pants (not jeans) and close-toed shoes.  Sasha told us there is no dress code instructions for the ladies.  I guess they have not had a problem with the ladies showing up in their beachwear.  (There is some outside seating here as well so make sure to specify which you would like when making your reservation.)
  • Bars: There are three walk-up bars on the property as well as full bar services in each of the restaurants.  There is a walk-up bar on each of the beaches, that closed at 5pm while we were there, and the Balloon Bar that opened at 5pm down one level from the lobby.
  • Spa: The resort has a full service spa on the property.  Heather utilized the spa a couple of times during our stay and was always happy with the staff and the service.  You can book spa treatments (at an additional charge) at the spa office by the mineral pool, or hang out at the beach and they will eventually find you.

Since this review is getting lengthy I will have to break it up into a couple of posts.  I still need to cover our Duns River Falls trip, general observations, tips for the first-timers, and share the pictures I took.

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