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I Hate Writing

IMG_0568Sitting down to write is a form of torture for me.  There is nothing worse than staring at a blank screen trying to figure out what I want to say, and how I want to say it.  Add to this my lifelong struggle with the comma and semicolon, my natural style to think in bullet points, and you can begin to see why I hate writing so much.

The question that begs to be answered is, “Why did you start a blog?”.  While I don’t have a great answer for this question, something I am doing appears to be working.  Rather than two people reading my blog posts (my wife and my mom), there appear to be at least four or five of you reading my posts.

I may never enjoy writing, but I have come up with a few “tricks” that have helped me endure the torture while producing something readable enough that people seem to keep coming back.

1. Make Time to Write: I have set aside three blocks of time on my calendar each week to write.  Sometimes I ignore the reminder when it pops up, but having the reminders helps motivate me to write at least once a week… and sometimes twice.

2. Word Count: I set myself a goal of trying to stay right around 500 words for each post I write.  This feels long enough to get across what I want to say, and short enough that you won’t fall asleep while reading it.

3. Write Like I Talk: I feel like when you read something on my blog you should hear it in your mind just like I would have spoken it to you.  Taking this approach also allows me to massacre the English language, and feel like I have a good excuse.

4. Get Over Myself: I can fall into the trap of thinking that my five readers are looking for an expert when they read my blog.  If this is the case, what qualifies me to write about any particular topic?  If you are looking for an expert you are in the wrong place.  If you want to read my opinions on a topic, and what I have learned from experiences in life so far, you are are in the right place.

I know that none of these ideas are rocket surgery.  Some of you may even roll your eyes when you read this.  I am no expert in writing, and I am fine with that.  These are just some things that have helped me, and I thought maybe they could help you.