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Inca Trail & Machu Picchu With G Adventures – PART IV

G Adventures LogoFinally, after all of the planning and preparation, it was time to begin our Inca Trail journey with G Adventures. The day that seemed like it would never get here, had finally arrived. Due to the schedule of flights into Lima, most of our group decided to arrive the day before our tour officially began. This would also give us a day to explore Lima before the actual Inca Trail adventure began.

Delta only flies to and from Lima once per day. And, if you live in Atlanta, like we do, there really is no reason to use any other airline. (The same thing goes for the Coke vs Pepsi argument… Coke is always the right choice.) Our flight left at 5:53p and arrived in Lima at 11:35p. After getting our luggage, clearing customs, meeting up with our driver, and traveling to the hotel it was nearly 2:00a when we checked into Casa Suyay.

Needless to say, Heather and I crashed into our bedsat the end of a very long travel day night.

Obligatory Inca Trail Plane Selfie

Our room at Casa Suyay

Day 1 of our Inca Trail Adventure – Explore Lima

The next morning we met up with the rest of the Mirolli group to explore the area around our hotel. We had no set plan. We just knew we had to try the Ceviche and Pisco Sours. So, with Dave and Dan in the lead we set out Mirolli-style to find our first adventure.

Mirolli-style: Identify an objective and find the shortest route from here to there. This may include: ignoring pedestrian traffic signals, cutting through side streets, and running in front of speeding buses. The objective should be reached as quickly as possible using a pace somewhere between a fast walk and light jog.

After a brisk walk through the Miraflores district of Lima we arrived at Huaca Pucllana. This archeological site, in the middle of the busy city, is an adobe pyramid that dates back to 200 AD. To our surprise the guided tour was only S.12 (12 Soles, or $4) per person.

Side of Huaca Pucllana

View from Top of Huaca Pucllana (click image for full pano)

We all enjoyed the tour, and getting our first dose of Peruvian history. Next, we decided to head for the coast, but we didn’t quite make it. Along the way we ran into a seafood restaurant. With both Ceviche and Pisco Sours on the menu we decided it was time for lunch.

With full bellies we made it to the coast…. kind of. We were there, but about 100 feet above the water on a cliff. The Pacific coastline has always struck me as more violent that the Atlantic coastline. The waves seem to be more aggressive, and the coastline is less beachy and more rocky.  It was no different here in Lima.

Paragliders on Pacific Coast in Lima, Peru

Oceanfront Park in Lima, Peru

We watched some paragliders and walked around a small park for a while before heading off to find a coffee shop. Before long it was time to head back to the hotel for our briefing with G Adventures. At the briefing we met one of the other people that would be joining us on the Inca Trail. Our tour group would have a total of 9 people in it. Dave, Maria, Dan, Lizzy, Sheila, Heather and I were in the Mirolli group. Lucy and Lisa were added by G Adventures. At the meeting we were still missing Sheila and Lisa who would arrive sometime that night / tomorrow morning.

We learned at the meeting that we would need to be in the lobby on 6a the next morning to catch the bus to the airport. Since the flight was early we decided to grab a quick dinner, a few more Pisco Sours, and then head to bed. Tomorrow the real adventure would begin.


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