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Jamaica – Day 3 – Beach Day

Day 3 of our trip to Sandals Montego Bay in Jamaica starts at 6:45a. Heather and I have decided to spend today at the beach so I am off to try and claim some beach chairs. We learned several trips ago that when it comes to beach chairs, the early bird really does get the worm.

I head for the largest of the two beaches first. My thinking is that since it is larger there will be more selection available. Boy, am I wrong. Nearly every chair has been claimed already! The chairs that are left are in the middle of large groups of chairs sitting side-by-side-by-side. We’d really have to get to know our neighbors if I choose these chairs.

I continue on to the smaller beach down by the Piano Bar Pool. The beach gods must be smiling on me as I find a great spot. A little shade for when we’ve had enough sun, and some space between us and the neighbors. Not sure why, but I take a quick look around like I am about to commit a crime before I claim these chairs. Since Heather is still asleep in the room I decide to hang out for a while and read.

The Main Beach at Sandals Montego Bay

At about 7:00 I notice the butlers descending on the beach. I soon realize that they have claimed most of the chairs for the guests that have paid for the “butler service”. They go about setting out towels, coolers, and any other items their guests have requested and then disappear again.

At about 8:00 I head back to the room to see if Heather is ready for some breakfast. We have heard that the Eggs Benedict served at Cucina Romana should not be missed. Heather is up and reading on the porch and before long we are headed to breakfast. One problem, even though the schedule listed Cucina Romana as being open for breakfast it is not. Slightly disappointed we hit the Bayside Buffet instead.

After breakfast we settle into our beach chairs to begin a day of reading, napping, and pretty much doing nothing.  AKA “Awesome Time”. Our beach is virtually deserted until about 11:30 when our neighbors show up. They introduce themselves and we chat for a few minutes as they settle in. Before long it is time for lunch so we head to Mariner’s.

Panoramic of Sandals Montego Bay Beaches

I can’t wait to try some more jerk chicken and order it with the hottest sauce they have. While we are waiting for our meal Heather all of sudden sits straight up like a hound dog catching the scent of its prey and says, “That lady has a cupcake!” Cupcakes are Heather’s indulgence-of-choice, and we have found “cake” desserts to be very rare at the all-inclusives we have tried. After chasing the lady down she learns that Cafe De Paris is where she will find the cupcakes. Not wanting to miss her chance, Heather heads to the bakery while I wait for our food.

A few minutes later Heather returns with a couple of cupcakes, and our food arrives. The Jerk Chicken was not as spicy as I had hoped, but was still good. None of the jerk chicken I have tried so far has rivaled what the Jerk Shack at Beaches Turks & Caicos serves. But I will keep trying.

The rest of the day we just relax at the beach. The couple next to us never returns after lunch so their beach chairs went unused for most of the day. We notice that this is pretty common for the butler-claimed beach chairs.  I guess when you have no “skin in the game” for claiming the chairs not using them is no big deal.

One aspect of the smaller beach that we enjoy is the over-water hammocks. The hammocks are in about knee-deep water and are large enough for two people. A great place to just relax and soak up some rays. Once the sun heats you up, the occasional wave splashing the underneath of the hammock is quite refreshing.

Piano Bar Beach at Sandals Montego Bay

Before long it is time to get ready for dinner so we head back to our room to get ready. Thanks to our concierge-level room we have a mini bar in our room. Our bar is stocked with full bottles of vodka, gin, rum and whiskey. There is also a bottle of Merlot, Chardonnay, and Champagne (or as the wine snobs would call it, sparkling wine). The fridge has beer and plenty of mixers for making just about any drink we want. We enjoy a glass of Merlot while we get ready for our dinner at the Oleander Room.

The Oleander Room is a quiet, little restaurant that serves “Refined Jamaican Cuisine”. Our server recommends the Lobster Run-Down for our main course. This dish would best be described as a rock lobster stew. It was excellent, and the amount of lobster it contained surprises both Heather and I. We thoroughly enjoy the food as well as guessing the names of the songs being played on the steel drums over the house music.

After dinner we decide to head to The Cricketer’s Pint for a Guinness. After a day of drinking Red Stripe something different is a nice change. For fun I order the Twice Cooked Wings as I had heard they were very good. They are! The wings are first steamed and then fried before being served with buffalo sauce that is just hot enough to make your nose run, but not make you sweat. I doubt this is a traditional English dish, but who cares. I’ll be coming back for another round before we leave!

By this time our oldness has caught up with us and we are ready for bed. It always amazes me how a day of doing nothing at the beach can make me so tired. We have a full Day #4 planned for tomorrow so some sleep now is not a bad idea.

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