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Jamaica – Day 4 – Sandals Royal Caribbean

Day 4 of our Jamaica trip to Sandals Montego Bay starts with breakfast at Cucina Romano. Heather and I both have the Eggs Benedict that we had been told about on our first night here. They are so good that if we were not planning to go diving this morning I would’ve had seconds. Our plan for today is to hit the 9:00a dive trip and then hopefully catch the 10:45a shuttle over to Sandals Royal Caribbean. I really want to check out their private island.

At 8:45a we head to the Dive Center to grab our gear and get loaded up on the dive boat. Again, the staff are very friendly and helpful, and everyone has a full tank of air on the boat. By 9:15a the boat is underway. 10 minutes out we stop and drop off a group of Advanced Open Water divers. Once they descend, the boat moves a few hundred yards and drops us off.

This dive location has more sea life than our  last dive. We see a turtle and several rays. One of the rays is huge and eating on the bottom. We hover here for a while observing the ray and marveling at its massiveness. Before long it is time to surface. When we get to the surface there is no boat in sight! It has left to pick up the other group of divers. Soon it appears and we get on-board for the trip back to the resort.

We arrive back at the resort a little around 10:15a. This gives us just enough time to drop off our gear, get back to the room, and get ready to head to Sandals Royal Caribbean for the day. In the rush to get ready I decide, “I’ll do sunscreen when we get there.” We catch the shuttle and by 11:00a we are at Sandals Royal Caribbean.

We head straight for the water looking for the Dragon Boat to take us out to the private island. The island is not real large. It has a small beach area that faces the main resort. Since the water here is well protected it feels more like being at a lake. There are two other small beach areas on the other side of the island. Both are elevated above the water and not really beaches. One area has several cabana-style areas to relax in. The other is the “clothing optional” area of the resort.

Pool & Beach Area on Sandals Royal Caribbean’s Private Island

Pool & Beach at Sandals Royal Caribbean

The island also houses a Red Lane Spa, The Jerk Shack, Royal Thai, and a swimming pool with a swim up bar. When we arrive at the pool it is completely empty. We decide to settle here for the day and pick out a couple of chairs. To our surprise the pool stays relatively quiet throughout the day, and there are always empty spaces for anyone that wanted them. A great change from the crowded, busy feel at the beach at our resort.

Sandals Tip #6: If you plan to head to the private island at Sandals Royal Caribbean you need to catch the first shuttle from your resort. This will give you prime selection on pool or beach chairs in the event it gets busy.

When lunchtime rolls around there is only one choice for me… the Jerk Shack. Finally, we find some jerk that is close to what we had in Turks & Caicos. I learn that to really heat things up, I need to ask for the “Blaze Fiah” sauce. This came in a bottle and added some serious heat to the meal. We only have one more lunch on this trip, but I decide that I will be eating here again tomorrow.

Enjoying The Jerk Shack at Sandals Royal Caribbean

The Jerk Shack Food     Heather Enjoying The Jerk Shack

After lunch we hang out at the pool, spending the afternoon reading, sleeping, and people watching. At 5:00p the Dragon Boat captain comes by and asks if we plan to take the last boat back to the main resort. We had not realized that the boat service and pool bar close down to prepare for the evening activities for a few hours. We quickly gather our belonging and head for the boat.

Since the shuttle back to Sandals Montego Bay runs on the hour we have an hour to kill at the main resort. Heather and I decide to play a game of life-size chess. I win, of course. After my brutal victory we head to the lobby to wait for the shuttle to arrive.

Sandals Tip #7: The shuttle runs on a “loop” that starts at Royal Caribbean, stops at Montego Bay then proceeds to The Inn before returning to Montego Bay to start over. This means that once every hour the shuttle you need will arrive. Planning activities around the shuttle times helps to eliminate down time that needs to be filled.

Back in the room I realize that applying sunscreen “when we get there” was not my best idea ever. Somehow I managed to miss the same patch on both of my arms. Fortunately the sunburn is not too bad. We take our time hanging out in the room, getting showers, and preparing to go out for dinner.

For dinner we decide to head to The Cricketer’s Pint for another round of their chicken wings. There is just one problem. Since Heather cannot eat fried foods we need to find some way for her to enjoy the wings as well. We check out the menu at Stew Fish and find that they have grilled chicken on the menu. We order just the chicken to go and then head to The Cricketer’s Pint.

I order the wings and Heather orders the wing sauce to dip her chicken in. Dinner is a success. Since The Cricketer’s Pint has a decent selection of beer we hang out for a while and enjoy the ambiance and beer selection. Before heading to bed we decide to head back to the pool at Sandals Royal Caribbean tomorrow for our last full day in Jamaica.

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