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Jamaica – Day 5 – Sandals Royal Caribbean

For our last full day in Jamaica Heather and I decide to head back to the private island at Sandals Royal Caribbean. Yesterday we enjoyed how quiet it was out there, and it was great to not have to get up before sunrise to get beach chairs. After a quick breakfast at the Bayside Buffet we head for the shuttle. It seems like everyone at our resort had the same idea as us today. Maybe the secret is out? Heather and I get the last two seats on the shuttle.

Once again we head straight for the Dragon Boat. It is packed as well. When we disembark, we head straight for the pool, hoping to get chairs. The chair selection is not nearly as good today, but we are able to locate a couple and settle in. My hardest decision of the morning is figuring out when it is OK to make the first trip to the swim up bar. I get the whole “It’s five o-clock somewhere” argument, but when five o’clock is still somewhere over in mainland Europe it just seems too early! Or is it?

Lunch is at the Jerk Shack again. It does not disappoint, especially with generous amounts of Blaze Fiah sauce. I contemplate having seconds, but after several days of eating and drinking all of the time, I am starting to feel a bit fat(ter).

Back at the pool I notice a couple wearing Soggy Dollar Bar hats. This is the universal symbol that you have been to the British Virgin Islands. Since we obviously had something in common I head over to speak with them. We end up talking about SDB, and sailing with Moorings. It turns out that their work schedule gives them frequent 5-day weekends, and they had just been talking about wanting to try sailing in the BVI. I really need to get setup with some sort of commission from Moorings!

For part of the afternoon we decide to hang out in the water at the beach. Heather and I both enjoy snooping in on the conversations of a group of 3 or 4 couples that are there for a friends wedding. Snooping makes it sounds so creepy. In reality, they had drunk enough beer by this point to be able snoop from twenty-five yards away!

Sandals Tip #8: For some reason, Sandals will not allow you to pre-book dinners before you arrive. (Iberostar Grand had no problem doing this when we stayed there.) Some of the restaurants require reservations, and some to them, like Royal Thai, are very popular. When we requested reservations for Royal Thai during check-in and it looked like there were not openings while we were there. Fortunately, our check-in agent was able to call over and get us in.  Make sure request reservations when you arrive or else you may be out of luck.

Since we have reservations at The Royal Thai for later this evening we decide to get a late afternoon snack. To my disappointment the Jerk Shack was closed so we pack up and head for the main resort. We settle on a pizza from the snack bar and enjoy it at the main beach. We then head back to Sandals Montego Bay to relax for a while and get showered before heading back to Sandals Royal Caribbean for dinner.

Sadness = Closed Jerk Shack

Based on the shuttle schedule we arrived back at Sandals Royal Caribbean well before our dinner reservations. To waste the time, we pull up a couple of chairs at the The Cricketer’s Pub for a drink. Since it is pretty slow we end up chatting with the bar tender. He has been working here for 4 days, but it is the second time he has worked for Sandals. He had left to work at the resort next door, but decided to come back. He tells us that he enjoys working at Sandals more because the employees are treated more like family. Even without tips it was worth coming back.

Sandals Royal Caribbean Private Island at Night

After we finish our drinks we say goodbye to the bartender and head for the Dragon Boat. Our meal at the Royal Thai was our best meal of the trip. Since Heather’s parents used to live in Thailand that automatically makes us experts on Thai food. In our “expert” opinion, the Thai food was very good. Our server also makes the experience memorable with her witty banter throughout the meal.

Gai Satay at Royal Thai

After dinner we wait for the shuttle and head back to Sandals Montego Bay. By the time we get back it is well after 10:00p. We considered one last drink at The Cricketer, but in the end our old age wins out and we head to bed. Tomorrow we head home.

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