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Jamaica – Day 6 – The Saddest Bus On Earth

When you arrive at the airport in Orlando on your way to a Walt Disney World resort, you are boarded on Disney-provided buses. In true Disney fashion they call these buses “The Happiest Buses on Earth”. Ever since my first trip to WDW, any bus at the end of vacation has been called “The Saddest Bus on Earth”.  Today we are sad to be leaving Jamaica and Sandals Montego Bay, but on the advice of our travel agent I booked the latest possible flight home.  This gave us several hours before our Saddest Bus would arrive to pick us up. We decided to soak up every last minute of vacation time that we could.

To finish her vacation out in style, Heather is heads over to the Red Lane Spa for one last visit. While she headed to the spa I pack up everything in our room and leave our bags to be picked up and taken to our assigned sad-bus. With the room packed up, I head down to the open-air lobby to hang out. Since this is the last day of vacation I decide that five o-clock somewhere could easily mean five o’clock in the morning! I enjoy significant amounts of Jamaican rum while waiting for Heather to get done at the spa.

The Great Spa Credit Saga: When Heather completed her final visit to the spa she checked in on the spa credit. It came as no surprise that there was no record of it on our account. When we checked at the concierge desk they told us that it was with the spa manager and would be taken care of before we left. Nothing like leaving it until the last possible second. TO BE CONTINUED… (yes, really!)

We spend our last few hours enjoying the beach view from a couple of chairs outside of the Piano Bar. For lunch, we head to Bayside for a leisurely lunch and one last round of jerk chicken with Fiah Sauce! Since I had found the combination of jerk chicken and Fiah Sauce so delicious I saw no need to try anything else on the menu.

Sandals Tip #9: We found that the chairs right outside of the Piano Bar tended to go unused for most of the day. This is a great spot that gets you outside, but is shaded by a large tree. A perfect place to hang out, read, talk and enjoy the breeze coming off the water without being on the beach.

After lunch it was time leave so we headed to the lobby to catch our bus back to the airport.

The Great Spa Credit Saga: Right before we boarded the bus to leave I decided to go and check on the spa credit one last time. To my surprise it has been taken care of, and the balance on our account is gone! While this seemed way harder than it needed to be, at least the Sandals staff finally worked it out in the eleventh hour.  THE END.

There is not much to say about our trip back home. The Saddest Bus on Earth dropped us at the airport, we shopped some duty free, we flew back to Atlanta, and then drove home.  Honestly, an uneventful return trip is always good, even if it is back to reality.

Sandals Tip #10: When we were dropped at the airport, porters descended on the bus and loaded all of the passengers’ bags onto carts. They then took them, literally, across the street and inside the entrance to the airport. When we picked up our bags (30 feet from our bus) the porter had his hand out. Make sure you have some cash on hand or you may get a snarky comment from the porter for leaving him empty-handed for all his “work”.

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