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Review of Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas – Part 3

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Like most cruise lines, Royal Caribbean assigns each family to a specific table and time for the evening meal. You are always free to skip this, and eat at a walk-up option (like Windjammer) instead, but since this is part of the cruising experience we planned to eat dinner in the main dining room each night.

Our assigned time was 6:00p. So, shortly after we set sail for Bahamas we headed to our room to unpack our bag, and get ready for dinner. At dinner we learned that the dinner menu would be different each night. There were a few items we would see every night, but the majority of the menu would change. Heather, Chad, and I selected items off the main menu, and Chase ordered the mac & cheese from the kids’ menu.

The only complaint about the food at dinner came from Chase. After taking the first bite of the mac & cheese he proclaimed, “This is not good, they watered down the cheese”. Figuring he was just being a drama queen (his family nickname), I gave it a try. He was right! I offered to order him something else, but he was satisfied with his appetizer, fries, and dessert he had ordered. He decided he would just try something else of the kids’ menu the next night.

After dinner Chase, Heather and I headed to the A Chorus Line Theatre for the nightly show, and Chad headed to check out what was happening in the teen room. After enjoying the comedy show (which Chase seemed to really enjoy as well) we took Chase to the kids’ area, and checked him in.

More problems. When we arrived at the kids’ area the line was out the door. Figuring it was just first night check-in issues we got in line. After about 10 minutes with the line not moving I went to investigate. The line we were in was for parents that had not already registered their children. Since Chase was already registered we could have bypassed the line, and checked him right in.

You know the TSA guy at the airport the constantly repeats, “Please take off your belt, jackets, and shoes and place them on the conveyor”? This is what is needed here. An employee standing out in front of the kids’ area saying, “Already registered? This way. Need to register? Get in line. Got a question? Ask me.”

One note here: Remember to pick your children up by 10:00p each night. If you do not, you will be charged $7 per hour, per child until 2:00a. After 2:00a the charge goes up to $1 per minute, per child.

We would not see Chad again until 11:00p when he stormed into our room, said he had to change into his swim suit and meet his “squad” at the pool, and then disappeared again. Turns out he had made friends with a group of 6 or so teens his age, and they ended up hanging out each night until they hit the ship-mandated 1:00a kurfew.

Heather and I found a quiet place (The Viking’s Crown) to have a drink, and hang out until 10:00 when we picked up Chase. Then, it was off to bed (yes, we are old) so we were ready for the activities ahead on day 2.

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