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Sail St Martin – St Barths

Sail St Martin with MooringsSince we had cut short our stay in Anguilla we decided to stay in Gustavia on Day 6 of our sail St Martin trip. We’d spend a second night in Gustavia, and then head back to the Moorings base in the morning. Once ashore, everyone parted ways to create their own adventure. For some this meant shopping. For some, like Heather and I, it meant getting out of the city and exploring the island a bit more.

We were able to find a rental car place within walking distance, and were quickly headed out of town. I had seen one of St Barths’ beaches, Gouverneur Beach, on a top 25 beaches list so we decided to check it out. After a few wrong turns, and lots of backtracking we found the beach. We had a map, but when none of the streets have road signs it is pretty much useless.

Customs Tip #4: Clearing in and out of St Barths is pretty easy. Take your ship’s papers, crew list, and clearance out paperwork for your last port with you. They will set you up at a computer to enter all of the information. I was able to clear out at the same time as clearing in since I would be leaving within 24 hours. They only accept Euros so your Dollars will be useless here. Either have Euros or a credit card (no American Express) with you.

Gouverneur Beach is a small beach with rock cliffs book-ending both ends. The day we were there I counted maybe 20 people! We wandered about halfway down the beach and found a nice spot to setup. One word of warning: It seems the further down the beach you go, the more clothing optional it becomes. Seeing topless sunbathers was pretty common throughout the trip, but here there was a zero-tanlines group.

Heather and I hung out for about 2 hours. We’d lie on the beach until we got too hot, then go hang out in the water for a while. It was relaxing, and as much as we liked the people we were sailing with, the break from everyone else was nice as well. Once we had enough of the beach we headed back to the rental car to do some more exploring.

After driving around the island we ended up at Baie de St Jean. From this beach you can watch planes come and go right over the water from the Gustavia airport. It is fun to watch as they come in, bank hard, and then skim right over the water to touch down on the runway.

At this point we figured it was time to head back to town and see what the rest of the crew was up to. We returned the rental car, and walked back into town. Before long we had collected everyone up and were headed back to the boat. Since everyone had already eaten lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging around in the water off the back of the boat.

Sail St Martin - Sunset at St Barths

Last Sunset of Our Sail St Martin Trip – St Barths

Aaron strung up a few lines so you could just float without the current carrying us out to sea. We cranked up some tunes and just had a great time hanging out, drinking beer, and laughing until our sides hurt. Before long, it was time to get cleaned up and prepare dinner. As we ate, we enjoyed the last sunset of our sail St Martin trip since tomorrow we would be back at the Moorings base.






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