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Starting Again

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It has been just over 18 months since McAfee came through and laid of all but two of the employees. Since then, I have done some consulting work here and there, helped manage the construction of my church’s new building, released an iPhone app, and done a fair amount of traveling. It has been a lot of fun… although my wife may have a different word to describe me being around all the time.

A few months ago I started to get the urge to once again build something. I never really stopped looking for the next big idea, but nothing had left me with that can’t-go-to-sleep excitement… until about a month ago.

It started as a conversation over lunch with my brother, Aaron. I was frustrated that I had not been able to find a great idea to pursue as a new startup, and that my search for an existing company to work for had led nowhere as well. At the end of the conversation we had arrived at two conclusions. First, my personality, and experience, really leans toward starting something new, rather than working for someone else.  Second, I was thinking too hard about the next big idea, rather than finding a simple idea that needed great execution.

I started right away looking at seemingly simple things that with a mix of technology, and excellent execution could be a big thing. One evening I was updating Aaron on the latest idea I was looking at when he said, “You know what I really need? A service that sends me replacement air filters for my house every 3 months or so.”  I had had this same thought not two weeks earlier since I knew it was time to replace my air filters, but had not given it a second thought for some reason.

Fast forward a few weeks and I am well into the process of launching a new service called FilterSnap. Who knows where it will go, but it solves a problem that millions of homeowners have, and I need just a fraction of them to be successful.

Disclaimer: I know Aaron is going to throw this blog post in my face every time he claims that FilterSnap was his idea.  I’ll agree that he came up with the name, but that his comments on that phone call just reinforced an idea I had already had!