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Top 5 Restaurants at Beaches Turks & Caicos

beaches-logoIt is probably a good idea to go on a crash diet for the month before heading to Beaches Turks & Caicos. With 22 restaurants to choose from, you run the real risk of not fitting into your sweat pants when you get home. And, if you are like my wife and I, skipping one of the restaurants is out of the question. We ended up trying 18 of the 22. Of the 4 we missed, 3 were closed and the other was Bobby Dee’s that caters primarily to kids.

To review each restaurant here would make for a long, boring blog post. Instead, here are my top 5 picks:

Cricketers: One of the families that we traveled with is English, so Cricketers was the obvious choice for our first night’s meal. Styled as an English pub it serves fish & chips, bangers & mash, as well as other traditional English dishes. I had the fish & chips. The fish was good, but there were only 3 chips and the mushy peas were more like pureed peas. The only thing you really need to know about Cricketers is that they have Guinness. Although it is from the can and not on draught, it is a welcomed change-of-pace after a day of drinking Turk’s Head Lager.

Beaches Tip. If you plan to eat at Cricketers check first to see if it is karaoke night. If it is, make sure you get there a few hours beforehand so that you have time to eat before they crank up the music.

Soy: Thanks to the all-inclusive nature of Beaches Turks & Caicos, Sky is perfect for the sushi-lover as well as the sushi-curious. For the sushi-lover it is like a sushi buffet. Not the sushi buffet at your local all-you-can-eat Chinese place, but a nice sushi place where you can keep ordering rolls until you explode. For the sushi-curious, this is your chance to try the “raw fish” without having to pay for it. Plus, you have the option to leave and go eat somewhere else. Once the older boys in our group tried Soy they made it one of their regular dinner places. A typical dinner for them was 7 to 8 rolls EACH!

Beaches Tip. Take advantage of the all-inclusiveness of the resort. One night my wife and I went to Soy and had a few sushi rolls as our appetizer, then went on to Neptunes for our main course. I believe the official terms for this, coined by my brother and his wife, are “first dinner” and “second dinner”.

Kimonos: Looking for a fun dinner place that the whole family will enjoy? Kimonos is that place. As you sit around a grill, a chef will entertain your family as he cooks your meal. While we were there the whole room would break into a sing-a-long as one chef would start a song and all the other tables would join in. The nice thing about Kimonos is that it is naturally noisy so parents can relax and let their kids enjoy themselves without worrying about disrupting the people at the tables around them

Beaches Tip: Kimonos is only open on certain nights of the week and requires a reservation. Make sure to pick a night and get a reservation as soon at you get to the resort.

Jerk Shack: The Jerk Shack is a new addition to Beaches Turks & Caicos. It is not a surprise though since Sandals, which owns Beaches, got its start in Jamaica. The Jerk Shack is great outdoor eatery just off the beach at one end of the resort property. It serves jerk chicken, beef, and fish as well as sides such as festival and roasted sweet potato. They also have a “Caribbean” drink menu which includes the Painkiller. However, once you’ve enjoyed a painkiller at the Soggy Dollar Bar no other Painkiller ever compares. I enjoyed the Jerk Shack enough that I visited 3 times in the 7 days we were there.

Beaches Tip: Almost every restaurant allows you to order take-out. Simply roll up, place a “to go” order, and 10 minutes later you’ll be on your way back to your pool chair with a midday snack. The Jerk Shack is great for this as well as Dino’s Pizzeria.

Sky: When I asked the 5 other adults that were on this trip what their favorite restaurant was they all said Sky. I am sure the food we ate there was great, but it was the view that I really remember. Situated just off the beach, Sky is on an open-air restaurant on the roof of a building. We accidentally timed our dinner just right to be able to enjoy a spectacular sunset. The kind of sunset that you may remember for the rest of you life.


Sunset from Sky at Beaches Turks & Caicos (photo cred: Paula Birckett)

Beaches Tip: Timing is everything with Sky. Go too early and it could be really hot. Go too late and you’ll miss the sunset. Go when it is raining and you’ll get wet. Take a few days to get your timing right so you get a table about 30 minutes before the sun sets. The sun will set to your left when sitting at a table facing the water.

There you have it, my top 5 picks for restaurants at Beaches Turks & Caicos. Even though I narrowed it down to 5 I can honestly say that none of the 18 restaurants I tried was a disappointment. It seemed like you really couldn’t go wrong when it came to the food. Just don’t forget to pack your fat jeans for the trip home!

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